SQAA obtains a certificate for web accessibility

By launching the new website, the SQAA has obtained the “A3C Certificate, accessible to all”, thus becoming the first organization in the Slovenian public sector.

A3C Certificate Recipients (Lidl Slovenija and NAKVIS)

A3C Certificate Recipients (Lidl Slovenija and NAKVIS)

Welcome to the updated website of the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education in a more modern, transparent and useful form which is now above all more accessible to all groups of users, especially the blind and visually impaired, as well as to people with reading disabilities.

The online excellence certificate A3C awarded by the Slovenian Association of Blind and Visually Impaired in cooperation with the Institute for Good Content demonstrates this. The SQAA and the company Lidl Slovenija are the first two organizations in Slovenia to obtain the A3C Certificate awarded on the basis of assessment by an expert team comprised of visually impaired and other experts with experience in in the field of accessibility.

By following the guidelines for website accessibility we think that we also help to improve the experience for users without impairments and hope that all users regardless of impairment will be pleased with the new website. You are kindly invited to express your opinion and suggestions to this e-mail.